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Lina Inverse
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Lina Inverse >> Dragon Slayer

Lina grew up the daughter of a working class merchant family. She has an older sister, Luna, who was the village darling. She excelled at martial arts while Lina grew an appreciation for food and money while working with her parents in their store, which was in effect the village's "general goods" store.

Lina constantly pulled pranks on her older "perfect" sister. She set up a magical device that projected an image over the entire town of her sister while she was in the bath. Luna's wrath was great, and Lina quickly fled from the town and has been terrified of even the mention of her sister ever since. This is likely why she started attending a prestigious magic academy far away from home. Lina did very well there, well enough to be assigned a color. In the world of Slayers, mages of great power or importance are awarded colors rather like titles, and most make a great deal of this, dressing in the color and introducing themselves with the full title. Lina, however, was mortified by the title she was given (Lina the Pink Sorceress) and keeps both her assignment of the title and the actual title itself a closely guarded secret.

After graduating she wandered around, and by the age of 15 got quite the name for herself. So much so that she was already getting admirer/stalker following her around named Naga the Serpent (who later turned out to be Seiryuun's runaway princess and Amelia's older sister) who she eventually befriended. They split off shortly before The Slayers season one starts, where she runs into Gourry. She travels with him, plus and minus others over the course of the next three years.

She's rough, rowdy, and essentially the opposite of what you'd expect out of a female protagonist. Her morals are low and her scruples are even lower. She'll save any kingdom for a price, and believe me, her prices are high. She rarely does things out of the kindness of her heart, or because they're "right." She does however believe in a sense of an overall good or rightness despite pledging herself consistently to darkness with the various spells she casts. She'll also do damn near anything to save a friend, especially Gourry to whom she's grown especially close to.
@} Name: Lina Inverse
@} Age // 16
@} Blood Type // A
@} Gender // Female
@} Species // Human
@} Known Relatives // Mother, Father, Older Sister (Luna Inverse)
@} Homeworld // Red Orb, Sea of Chaos
@} Homeland // Zefilia
@} Abilities // Black Magic, Shamanistic Magic (Fire/Earth Specialty), slight White Magic, skill with a sword.
@} Weaknesses // Slugs, her sister
@} Talents // Singing, learning, minor sewing.

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